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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Cultural Organizing Workshop

We all sat in a circle and as time went forward and energy was collectively put into the room, power swirled in the center and around and around and around from, through, between and across all those present in the spaces opened for critical conversations among all the persons present. Culture became more than a singular word. It was and is a multifaceted entity. It is everything because it is created by the fact that we exist and interact with each other.

While at the workshop I learned a greater appreciation for the people doing the work but at the same time a deeper appreciation towards those who are just beginning to enter or have not even jumped in yet. As it stands, the present body of members making up the experience was relatively diverse, coming from a collection of intersecting realities as well as ones that were unique to individuals. As an older youth I could feel the strange balancing act between being young in the space and yet getting closer to an age and level of experience that will one day phase me out of that position. However this pushing and pulling of perspective showed me more intently the importance of making spaces, like this one and within the work of all the organizations present and not present, inter-generational with a greater emphasis on youth. Sadly we of AFSC were the only ones there. And though I am grateful to have attended, it would have been great to see and interact with others close to our age.

Overall, it was a powerful event and I look forward to growing and keeping in mind the things that I learned and putting them into practice both in the work that I do with AFSC and in general life as well.

Isaiah Jones

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