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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sampson Park Turnt Up Reflection-Austin

At the Sampson Event things were different from how I expected them to be but it was a good difference. The event turned out pretty great. We got everything done that was on the agenda with no issues to get in the way of anything. I feel that we made an impact on the lives of the young children who attended the event. When I was walking around, I overheard some kids speaking and they were saying some insightful things that let me know they were absorbing the message. The whole point of the event was to get kids to understand school closures and the “Stop -N- Frisk” laws by having them do fun activities that allowed them to personally understand what others go through, to a certain extent. I believe that most of the kids picked up on the ideas that we were trying to spread and that’s a good thing. It shows that we’re making an impact on their lives and also making progress with getting communities involved in issues around them.

I enjoyed working with the kids during the activities. I helped my other AFSC co-workers to set up for the event and help with three of the activities we had for the event. I hosted the three legged race event. This event was designed to teach kids about human rights and the correct ways to handle different situations dealing with security/police in schools. I read out some statements that said what was okay when dealing with police/security guards and the kids were to determine if it was right or wrong. It was quite funny watching the kids trying to run with their legs tied!

I really liked playing man over board. This game represented the "Stop -N- Frisk" laws. Ahman√© read out some phrases that were reasons why police officers chose to label youth of color suspicious and frisk them during stops. During the game,the children played  the role of the innocent victims deemed "suspicious" and my team and I were the cops. It was the most memorable part of the event. I was able to run around and have a little fun with the kids, which was cool. The last thing I helped with was the spray painting of positive symbols of courage on cardboard. This I enjoyed also because it was my first time spray painting. Anyhow the whole event went by smoothly from my point of view and I look forward to doing more events like it.
                      (youth lining up for the "3 legged race")



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