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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

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          Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence South Africa Trip

 Hello, my name is Rose Gilliam. I recently graduated from New Orleans Charter Science and Math High School. In January, I will be a freshman at Delgado Community College majoring in Biology. I am an excellent writer. I write poetry, short stories, skits and songs. I enjoy singing and using my talents to tell my story. 

 I’m also a youth organizer and I have chosen to become a nonviolence leader. Nonviolence plays a major part in my life because before turning to nonviolence my life was headed down the wrong path. My emotional pain was pushing me towards a violent future and my rage was holding me back. I had tried so many other ways to express myself but violence was the only relief I found. 

Fortunately I was given the opportunity to travel to the Martin Luther King Center in Atlanta, Ga. in July 2010 and become a certified nonviolence trainer. Now I work with the American Friends Service Committee New Orleans Project as a nonviolent leader with a group that we formed called Peace by Piece. As a member of Peace by Piece, I go to local middle school and high schools and train other youth in Kingian Nonviolence.

Our hard work has earned us the opportunity to travel to South Africa and represent the state of Louisiana as Young Ambassadors for Nonviolence with the delegation from the United States to South Africa from June 10-21, 2011. You can help us make a difference in the community by donating today.

Thanks for Your Support, 
 Rose Gilliam
 Youth Ambassador for Nonviolence

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