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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Oppression Fashion Show Reflections: Antoinette

Oppression Fashion Show 2012-2013

         The fashion show was without a doubt an amazing experience for me. It was such a great feeling to meet new people all from different backgrounds and with entirely different personalities. The event was so high energy and the excitement was highly contagious. I think what I liked seeing most was all the involvement from the various age groups, especially the younger people. I have several memorable moments from that evening! I worked backstage so it was a sensational feeling being able to work with so many talented individuals.
The one moment of the evening that stuck out most to me is when all three of us (two of my fellow interns and I) were working on something backstage, because I think we really pulled together to get everything done. Overall, that night was pretty magical, and I am excited to get involved in next year’s Oppression Fashion Show.

 Antoinette Berger

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