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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Reflections From AFSC NOLA’s Peace& Justice Summer Intern
I am Rose Gilliam. I attend Joliet Junior College in Illinois where I major in Biology. I am also a past member of AFSC NOLA’s  Peace by Piece Nonviolence program. My experience during this internship has been very inspiring.  It has allowed me to once again embark on the experience of working with children.  Children have always been an inspiration of mine and this internship has allowed me to get a better understanding of how a child’s mind works.  I learned that the children I’ve been working with are very talented and that they all excel at one level or another when it comes to expressing themselves.  I appreciate this experience because it has allowed me to look back on some of my past actions and examine them thoroughly.
One of the programs that I helped with was “A Journey To LoveJewelry Showcase examining negative stereotypes in the community through jewelry making and story circles.  The children were so into the thought of being able to create a product and benefit from it.  Their personalities jumped sometimes but they always remained focused on the goal.
  My job here as an intern has required me to participate in different tasks but my main focus has been the Peace Recycled Art summer camps with local youth and preparing for the upcoming 3rd Annual Peace Is Power Giant Puppet Parade. This internship benefits me because my life goal is to work to make a change. This internship, not only looks good on my resume, but it is also preparing me for future encounters.    

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