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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Sankore’ Youth Art Pavillion Rocks Jazz Fest!
AFSC’s Peace by Piece youth program joined the International Jazz and Heritage Music Festival to spread social justice messages to thousands of people at the Sankore’ Youth Art Pavillion from April 27-29 & May 3- 6, 2012. Take a look at the details for the recycled art projects that we shared.

The American Friends Service Committee Recycled Art Project
Our Artistic Themes
1.     Bullying/Human Rights-Anything done to harm or oppress someone/fighting for the worth and rights of everyone
2.     Criminal Justice/ Police Brutality-What is considered a crime and who is rightfully protected/ the abuse of power by authority figures.
3.     Global Violence- actions that harm people all over the world.
Social Justice Earrings- We made earrings out of recycled cardboard based on the themes listed above.  Each pair of earrings was designed by a youth artist based on stories describing our three social justice themes and twenty-five powerful words that depict the essence of each story. We have chosen to use recycled materials to display the community’s need to use all of its’ resources in light of recent natural and manmade disasters threatening the livelihood of communities worldwide. The New Orleans community is still healing from the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina on August 23, 2005 and the BP Oil Spill in April 2010.
Social Justice T-Shirts- We also made t-shirts with our 25 words related to our 3 themes.
Artistic Goal- Our art is based on The American Friends Service Committee’s belief in “the worth of every person” and the belief that we must use all of our resources to create change in the New  Orleans community and worldwide.
25 Powerful Words/ Phrases showcased in our Jewelry- Hope, Integrity, Dignity, Relentless, Power, Community, Justice, Push, Breaking Barriers, Change, Stand Up, Conscious, Truth, Ancestors, Remember, Give Love, Fight, Honor, No Hate Just Love, Focus, Determination, Undoing Racism, Connection, I am We are, Courage, Resistance, Under Pressure, Survivor, Not a Criminal, I am Human, Need Love, Misunderstood, Miseducation=Hate, Rage, Passion, Action, Blood Money, What's the Price, Free or Slave, Crazy or Activist, Home or Jail, Made for Profit, Made from Oppression

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